Not Ginger, But a Cash Crop!
Yes, the majority of import/export businesses today prefer ginger for its incredible benefits and versatile uses which makes it a great source of income. This enhances tremendous demand around the world.


Product: Ginger

Varieties: Fresh Ginger / Air Dried Ginger

Origin: Anqiu / Laiwu / Rushan, Shandong

Sizes: 50g / 100g / 150g / 200g / 250g per-piece, or as the customer’s request

Packing: 10kg hard-plastic box; 20kg mesh bag;10kg carton or as buyer’s order

Supplying Period: All Year Around

Transporting Temperature: 12 ℃ -13 ℃

Supply ability: 10000 tons per month

Delivery time: Within 8 days after receiving the down payment.


Buy High-Quality Ginger From A China Ginger Supplier

The freshness of the product is guaranteed. Qingdao Yuelinhengtong International Trade Co., Ltd. stores fresh ginger in perfect situations without using any preservatives. Therefore, the final user gets the freshness he requires from the garden’s fresh gingers’ harvest. The freshness guarantees high quality and provides you an excellent time to sell the ginger to the last end user. We offer the best quality ginger to our customers. You can place your order with just one click and get your fresh Air Dried Ginger at your doorstep. Whether you order a few or in bulk, the quality of the product, packaging, and services remain at the top. As a fresh china Ginger supplier, we deliver our product under the supervision of a highly experienced quality assurance team. The team cross-checks the product multiple times, from the cropping to the handing over to the customer.

Tremendous Health Benefits Of Fresh Ginger

Fresh china ginger exporter is excellent for digestion and solves all chest and stomach problems. From diminishes gas and bloating to reduce stomach blubbers, hot ginger water is best for all. Our high-quality fresh organic ginger is also best for reducing weight and dissolving your body fats. Ginger green tea has various health advantages, so we also supply our fresh ginger supplier to the green tea manufacturer. Our fresh ginger also has the magical power of releasing pains like cramps or muscle pain. We, the leading fresh china Ginger exporter, provided that you get high-quality ginger with freshness.

Why Buy Fresh Gingers From Us?

Qingdao Yuelinhengtong International Trade provides fresh gingers, and there is no compromise on the quality and freshness of gingers. We strive to offer as fresh ginger as possible to our customers. This tasteful root serves a variety of usage, and you can utilize it in several ways, like making confections, baked items, and several liqueurs. Moreover, it is vital in making delicious sweets like gingersnaps, gingerbread, and various cookies. Being an Air Dried Ginger Exporter, our focus is on the freshness and eminence of the ginger.

Perks Of Choosing Us As Leading China Ginger Exporter

However, some perks of buying fresh ginger from us include:

  • A strict collection of fresh ginger rhizomes
  • Spray with high-pressure water to eliminate the adhering impurities
  • All of our cultivated farming product is peeled both by hand and machine, washing and cleaning by flowing water, slicing, mincing and drying, choosing and metal detecting
  • We pack fresh china ginger supplier flakes into cartons or seal them into polythene bags for further processing
  • We can export a wide variety of gingers worldwide with high-quality and 100% fresh.


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