Ceramic Proppant

The product can help to improve the porosity of oil and gas formation, increase the conductivity and increase the oil field production. Our company has many years of experience in product operation and management. And now, we have Sinopec A-level suppliers as the backing.



The production line is fully automatic, and the production control is very strict, from raw materials to packing, we not only pay attention to the quantity, also more focus on the quality. We can produce any specifications and requirements for the products.

Sales performance

The products have been exported to America, the Middle East and all the major oilfields in China. And the price is very advantageous

Available Sizes: 20/40, 30/50, 40/70, 70/140

Crushing Degree:





Low density, strength can be made according to customer requirements.

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Get The Best Ceramic Proppant From Yuelinht!

Do you want to improve the conductivity and oil field production? Then Yuelinht is the best choice. We have years of experience producing the best ceramic proppant and ceramic sand because they are the best ceramic proppant suppliers who enhance your porosity of oil and gas formation.

Why Buy Ceramic Proppant From Us!

Choose us to get high-quality proppant for oil fracturing—our offers high-quality automatic production and strict control over the output to maintain the ceramic proppant’s standard. Moreover, we pay attention to quality. Still, we also focus more on the quantity from our material to packing all the ceramic sand and proppant process is done under higher supervision.

Further, we follow the integrity principle first and win-win cooperation with clients. Also, customer satisfaction is our priority; that’s why we focus on quality, quantity, and time.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Proppants

Thou, ceramic product is costly, but we offer a cheap and high-quality ceramic product with several advantages that will be the best choice for you because they can maximize the yield from a given well. Some of the benefits of choosing to buy ceramic proppant supplier from us are:

Greater Crush Strength Our ceramic products have higher crush strength as wellbores get deeper than the frac sand product, which makes an increased pressure on proppant and allows drillers access to more profound shale formation. Additionally, it has much high crush strength up to 10,000 psi, that’s why it is more suitable.

Higher Conductivity

Using ceramic proppants also increase higher conductivity, which boosts the product’s effectiveness at which petroleum products can move around the proppants in the rock fissure.

We have better size, shape, and sphericity of the proppant, which helps maintain natural gas flow around the wellbore’s proppants. Moreover, it opts for higher conductivity because of its chemical nature and stable thermal proppant. Hence, it will reduce the risk of undesirable deposits to form, clog in the fissure.

Tailored Solutions

It has more stable features and characteristics, because of which it is more tightly controlled. You can select a high-quality proppant based on its factors. We offer a more tailored solution to fulfill the specific needs of a well site.

The best Ceramic proppant is available in three categories, which shows higher density and resist more stress.

  • Lightweight Ceramic
  • Intermediate Density Ceramic
  • High-Density Ceramic

Reasons to Use Ceramic Proppant

Get the best ceramic proppant for oil fracturing from us and enjoy the advantages. Here is some reason that will help you to choose the best product for yourself!

  • Optimize your conductivity in any setting
  • Rise the productivity of the well
  • Extend life and length of well and its service
  • It has enhanced economic benefits for the long-term

So, what you are waiting to contact us to learn more about our product and enjoy! Moreover, we honestly hope to create business relations with our customers and build a better future together! Choosing us will be a more cost-effective choice for you as it will boost your wells’ profitability. Additionally, it will extend the well’s service life and increase oil and gas output by 30-50 percent.


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