Of course, there are myths also related to white garlic about how it can ward off vampires. What is intriguing is that it has been around for a long time as well. It can help ward off the several illnesses we seem to be getting in this modern world; it is nothing short of a magic herb. People have been using garlic for ages for good health. But experts are discovering new and exciting usages of this China Normal White Garlic and the goodness it can offer. Here’s a look at some ways by which garlic can benefit you.

The most effective way to confirm that garlic retains all its suitable substances is to smash it finely and add it to food. Several people also select to have garlic juice. However, others hate its smell and taste. Many garlic-based supplements work precisely fine and are like your daily dose of vitamins for such people.

Garlic as an antibiotic:

Garlic is one of the natural antibiotics, and the best part about it is that it does not get rid of healthy bacteria. More and more people are substituting white garlic as an effective antibiotic.

High blood pressure:

Conservative Asian medicine acknowledges garlic as a powerful high blood pressure controller. For garlic to support you in controlling your hypertension, you can take one clove each day or drink its fresh juice, crush a clove in warm milk. White garlic can help check your blood pressure so that the high levels can come to normal levels.

Managing cancer:

Organic garlic can help in treating cancer. Several studies show that some components in garlic, like diallyl disulfide, can eliminate cancer cells. It can help you in evolving a robust immune system. Garlic is also known to minimize papillary lung tumors. Eating a clove of raw garlic can reduce the occurrence of cancers in the first place.

Some disadvantages:

Garlic breath:

Overeating raw China Normal White Garlic can cause plenty of bad breath, which may hamper your self-confidence. The only method to counter is eating raw garlic and your food before going to sleep ideally.

Body odor:

If you eat a lot of garlic, you will observe that you have started to smell like garlic. The garlic can secret your pores, which lasts until all garlic will eliminate from your body. The body odor is embarrassing and can cause a lot of stress.


There are rashes, fever, or vomiting for some people who suffer from garlic allergy. The sulfur in white garlic can result in botulism, which can cause severe stomach upset or even death. It can also kick in harmfully with some anti-coagulants.

If you have decided to make white garlic an essential part of your healthy lifestyle, ensure that you get fresh garlic. The fresh organic garlic has all the goodness inherent. You might run into chemically treated white garlic in local or regular shops, which is of no use. If the garlic bulb has grown, it means that the garlic has aged and has lost all its essential compounds.

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