A fresh ginger paste is nothing but blended ginger with oil or water. You can store it in your refrigerator or freezer and use the past as your recipe calls for it. Fresh china Ginger exporter also exports ginger paste worldwide with all preservatives.

The benefit of Homemade Ginger Paste

Anything homemade has many advantages, and when you make it from scratch, it can give you joy and satisfaction through cooking. Moreover, at the same time, you get several more benefits:

  • There are absolutely no stabilizers.
  • It is cheaper than purchasing it from a fresh china Ginger exporter
  • It is new and aromatic
  • It lasts longer than the store-bought ones
  • Creating this ginger paste is super easy, and you can whip up a fresh batch within some minutes if you have clean, fresh ginger ready.

How to make fresh Ginger Paste?

When you have purchased fresh ginger, clean it in running water and wipe it with your kitchen towel. You do not need to ensure that it is scorched unless you are packing it as a whole root.

You usually do not peel the skin as you use organic ginger, but you can peel it if you are removing its skin. When you have cleaned and peeled the fresh ginger, the next step is to slice it into small pieces. Slice the fresh ginger into round discs and add to your blender or food processor.

Pieces of fresh ginger in the jar

You can add some oil while blending. You can preferably use avocado or canola oil as they do not add any artificial flavors. Moreover, you can also add a little salt. The oil and salt work as natural preservatives if you want to store the fresh ginger paste in your refrigerator. To make a fresh ginger paste in your blender, you might want to use a larger quantity. Mixing in small amounts might end up requiring more water, or you might end up getting a very rough blend.

You can add equal amounts of fresh garlic to the blender and create a ginger-garlic paste.

Important Note: If you plan to freeze your fresh ginger paste and use the ginger paste for your chai, you can skip the oil and blend the fresh ginger as is. If desirable, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water.

How to Store Ginger Paste?

If you are storing fresh ginger paste, ensure you store it so that you can keep it fresh for a longer time. Therefore, it is excellent to store in an air-tight container rather than glass. It can keep the paste fresh for at least 1 to 2 weeks. Top your glass jar with a bit of oil to help preserve the ginger paste for longer.

How to use Ginger Paste in any recipe?

Often, there is a wrong concept that ginger paste is a substitution of the same amount of raw ginger. But, it is not; blended ginger is more intense than raw ginger. The ultimate substitute for 1″ inch ginger is about one tablespoon of ginger paste.

When using this garlic paste, remember to sauté it as it is raw, and sautéing can help eliminate the raw smell.

When using freeze ginger paste, there is no requirement to thaw when cooking. You can add it to your curry along with or after sautéing onions.

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