Cooking is incomplete without herbs and spice, these things are something that brings a flavor to a healthy life! Be it Asian, or any other regional cuisine, even traditional or continental, the use of herbs somehow alleviates the richness and taste of cuisine.

But, there are some more uses of it. Yes, it’s much helpful in boosting facial beauty, hair growth, homeopathic medications, and boost brain functions as well. Following are the top 4 best herbs/spices which are useful in cooking,  and has many health benefits;

Red Beans

Do you know, why the demand for red beans suppliers has reached the zenith today? Because, red beans are the most significant herbs for empowering brain functions, and for other health aspects.

According to research, red beans are best for slowing the quick aging process, improve heart health, prevent cancer, reduce waistlines and increase energy.


With the rise in climatic changes and throat infection everywhere, The ginger root concentrate may likewise be useful in the treatment of Parkinson’s ailment and headache cerebral pains.

In ginger we have white ginger, do you know what white ginger is? Also known as Mondia – a valued medicinal plant especially for its roots. It is an aphrodisiac and also used against stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, and appetite stimulant, and anorexia, Urinary infections, jaundice, cough, bronchitis, gonorrhea, and other conditions can also be treated using the roots.

Due to this, demand for best white ginger suppliers has also increased within no time today


Turmeric is the most common ingredient found in Asian kitchens and often used in western cuisines as well. This famous spice contains a chemical that is scientifically proven best for curing plaques in the human brain which is considered to be a responsible cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric is found in curry.

Certain mixes found in turmeric (read up about the super zest here) have appeared to kick-begin those macrophages, she says, conceivably clearing the plaques from the brains of people with early signs of Alzheimer’s.


A herb that is known as a star in Mediterranean cooking, is actually a great brain-booster, especially when used as an essential oil in aromatherapy. The smell of this herb can help in boosting efficiency and proficiency in brain functions.

Additionally, the rosemary essential oil is also beneficial for memory retention. This oil is best for students, and hardworking employees who toil day and night in learning new skills.

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