Thanks to the social media world, we know so many kitchen hacks, especially the ones related to peeling and chopping. When it comes to peeling and chopping, garlic is one such ingredient that requires a lot of patience and tricks. But, the most tedious job of peeling garlic was made easy by a social media user in a 12-second video and we are sure that you will also find it worthy.
This viral video was originally shared on TikTok and this 12-second clip was shared by user @xwowduck, and it has been viewed over 1.5 million times. The user credited the simple trick to his Asian mum-in-law, as he said in the video that she was the one who taught it to him.

According to the video, all you need to do is, take a full-sized garlic pod, and then cutting it horizontally with the peel intact. This split the garlic into two flat halves, with each individual clove cut into half as well. In the video, the user turned both the halves inwards to face the chopping board with the peel facing the top side. And with the flat side of the knife, he smashed both the halves together which removed the entire peel.

Isn’t it simple and super easy?

When the video was shared on Twitter, it left users surprised and the thread saw a lot of appreciation. Take a look at some reactions:

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